Social Events

EAAMO'23 is planning to host a diverse array of social events designed to foster meaningful interactions and discussions among participants. These events will include the PhD Student Social dinner, providing an informal platform for young scholars to connect and exchange ideas.

Moreover, EAAMO'23 will host Regional and Affinity Groups discussion tables, catering to various interests and backgrounds. Additionally, participants can engage in thematic discussion tables centered around critical Application Areas, such as healthcare, housing, education, environment, civic participation, algorithmic bias, as well as research fields like computer science theory and computer science fairness, law and public policy, economics, and operations research.

More information about the social events at EAAMO'23 will be available at this page.

Co-chairs: Jessie Finocchiaro (Harvard University), Lily Xu (Harvard University)

Please find some photos from EAAMO'22 social events below.

PhD Student Social Dinner PhD Student Social Dinner COPOCYT EAAMO'22 Lunch Regional Tables Thematic Discussion Tables Discussion Tables Discussion Tables